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About the Centre for Kidney Research

Who we are

The Centre for Kidney Research (CKR) at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead consists of a group of up to 30 dedicated and passionate researchers, doctors, scientists, nurses and administration staff, working towards the goal of improving kidney health.

The Centre for Kidney Research is one of the oldest and largest kidney research groups in the Southern Hemisphere. The Centre provides insight into new treatments, methods of diagnosis, prevention and the enhancement of the quality of life of children and adults with, or at risk of, kidney disease. This work is supported by the Government through the NHMRC, by the hospital, and by generous support from the community.

What we do

Our research aims to identify causes of disease, find treatments for these (including prevention) and evaluate the evidence for current treatments. We have an ongoing commitment to providing the latest evidence to enhance services, improve care and promote health.

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Chronic kidney disease is the seventh most common cause of death in Australia, with one in three Australians at an increased risk of kidney disease. The number of patients who are being placed on dialysis due to kidney failure is increasing and the average waiting time for the solution, a kidney transplant, is five years. New discoveries and better treatments need a long term commitment and The Centre for Kidney Research is at the forefront of this challenging battle.


We endeavour to bring the most rigorous and up to date research methods available to bear on research questions of importance about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract

Better outcomes

We are based in a clinical environment, so we seek to address questions which are relevant to patients and to provide answers which will influence better health outcomes.


We believe that we have a responsibility to teach others about kidney research, and that we should make a useful contribution to the local, national and international research communities.