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Leadership of the Clinical Research Group

Associate Professor Allison Tong is a Principal Research Fellow at the Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney, and holds a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship. She is a social scientist with experience in using applied qualitative research methods to the area of chronic disease to inform practice and policy for improved patient-centred outcomes; and has a particular interest and experience in stakeholder engagement (including patients and consumers) in the context of research priority setting and the development of core outcomes for research.

Associate Professor Germaine Wong is a NHMRC Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Ludwig Engel Research Fellow, and a nephrologist at Westmead Hospital with a special interest in transplantation. Her main area of research interests include: cancer epidemiology in the chronic kidney disease, social ethics in organ donation and allocation, decision analytical modelling, health economics, population health research, and quality of life studies in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Associate Professor Armando Teixeira-Pinto is Professor of Biostatistics at the Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney. His methodological research has focused on the development of multivariate statistical methods for the analysis of multiple outcomes. His other interests includes, risk models, longitudinal data and meta-analysis methods for diagnostic testing. Along with his methodological work, Dr. Teixeira-Pinto has an extensive record of collaborative research in projects of clinical, epidemiological and health services research.

Dr Martin Howell is a Health Economist and Research Fellow at the Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney. Hi prime area of interest is in patient preferences, values and priorities and how these should be captured in research and patient care. Areas of expertise include development of clinical practice guidelines and health economics, in particular the use of econometric methods to elicit preferences and priorities.

Clinical Group

  • Allison Tong
  • Amelie Bernier-Jean
  • Amy Kelly
  • Angela Ju
  • Angelique Ralph
  • Anh Kieu
  • Anita Van Zwieten
  • Ankit Sharma
  • Anne Durkan
  • Anne Taverniti
  • Armando Teixeira-Pinto
  • Ayano Kelly
  • Brenda Rosales
  • Camilla Hanson
  • Charlotte Logeman
  • Christian Young
  • Daniel Sumpton
  • David Tunnicliffe
  • Deidre Hahn
  • Elisabeth Hodson
  • Emma O'Lone
  • Eric Au
  • Fiona Russell
  • Gabrielle William
  • Gail Higgins
  • Gaya Raman
  • Germaine Wong
  • Giovanni Strippoli
  • Hugh McCarthy
  • James Tang
  • Jessica Stevenson
  • Jonathan Craig
  • Karine Manera
  • Kim Van
  • Laura James
  • Lindsay Hardy
  • Maleeka Ladhani
  • Marianne Kerr
  • Martin Howell
  • Michelle Irving
  • Narelle Willis
  • Nicolas Larkins
  • Nicole Evangilidis
  • Noa Amir
  • Noella Sheerin
  • Pamela Lopez-Vargas
  • Patrina Caldwell
  • Sana Hamilton
  • Sandra Puckeridge
  • Shingi Chando
  • Simon Carter
  • Stephen Alexander
  • Talia Gutman
  • Tamara Borysko
  • Valeria Saglimbene
  • Vincent Lee

Laboratory Group

  • Stephen Alexander
  • Geoff Y Zhang
  • Hugh McCarthy
  • Jevin Karunia
  • Mahnoor Bakhtiar
  • Sam Robinson
  • Victor Shen
  • Yuan Min Wang